Withings Introduces the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Ready Wireless Scale WS-30

Withings is introducing the Wireless Scale WS-30 at IFA 2012. This scale combines Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to offer a seamless way for you to keep your weight and health in check. Withings was one of the first companies to offer up a ‘smart’ scale back in the day. While FitBit and some others have trumped them over the years. It looks like Withings is ready to take back being the leader of innovative scales.

Once you step on the scale, it will instantly recognize the individual and unlock exclusive Withings services in order to take control of your weight anywhere, anytime, using the new Withings Health Companion app. If you want to completely ruin your opportunities of binging at Thanksgiving dinner, the Withings wireless scale is easily portable and can be connected to a smartphone or Tablet with Bluetooth. No PC required to track how your weight gain or loss is doing.

The Withings scale will give you access to 60+ apps and services within the Withings universe. Up to 8 people will be able to use the scale, so families can keep their weight in check together. Does your family need to go on a diet, based on a historical data weight curve that the Withings Scale has been tracking? How about that BMI? Is it at a normal level. Maybe you are underweight and need some assistance to gain a few pounds. Withings puts knowledge and apps at your fingertips and sets goals for healthier living.

Wireless Scale WS-30 will be available in late September 2012 in Europe from www.withings.com.  The retail price will be around  €119.95.

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