$290 Jil Sander Paper Bag is Perfect for the iPad Mini

Because if you get the chance to drop $290 on a paper bag to use for something that hasn’t been announced yet, you have to take it, right?

Funny enough, you might find it hard to take that chance – the Men’s Medium Vasari Bag, from designer Jil Sander, is in high demand, selling out quickly from the LN-CC website. That left only the small version, which I guess you could still use for your smartphone. The bag, as you can see, looks like a classic brown paper bag that probably held your lunch many, many times when you were of school-going age. Turns out, the bag pictured above stays faithful to the original. It’s made of paper as well – coated paper, specifically. Coated with what, I don’t know.

No word on whether or not this paper bag will be totally ruined when your juice box leaks its contents all over the bottom of the bag. There’s also no word on when the Men’s Medium Vasari Bag will be back in stock, but you can monitor the web page and keep your fingers crossed. Maybe they’ll beat the actual iPad Mini announcement.

Via CBC News

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