iPhone App of the Week: New York Art Beat Takes You to the Hottest Galleries Around the City

The art world is increasingly becoming dominated by smaller galleries playing host to new art installations or sales. Of course, the problem with that is, if you’re interested in the art world, it’s hard to find where all of those galleries are, much less know exactly when something new is going to be on display.

New York Art Beat makes that problem disappear. The app maps out all of those small galleries around New York, and tells you which exhibitions are currently on display at each one. You can immediately find the ones closest to your current location, or find ones that are ending the soonest. If you just want to find out what’s hot, you can browse by popularity, too. Once you’ve found something that’s caught your eye, you can get turn-by-turn directions to the gallery in question.

These days, it’s not often a mapping app really offers up something of substantial benefit, but New York Art Beat really does fill a niche that needed filling. It’s not only the best way to keep gallery schedule information organized, but probably the only way. New York Art Beat is on the iTunes App Store now, and is selling for $1.99.

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