Brookstone’s Rover 2.0 Gets a Much Needed Upgrade

Another year, another spy bot from Brookstone. The remote controlled Rover 2.0 Spy Tank is an updated version of last year’s Rover AC13, and is ready to go on even more secret missions.

This year’s model isn’t too big of a departure from last year, besides a black and neon green color makeover. Rover 2.0 also has a wide-angle lens that can capture a wider arc, and the camera angle can be controlled remotely (as can the tank’s headlights). This year’s version also lets you upload pictures and video to Twitter and Facebook straight from the app. Rover can also be controlled by Android devices now.

Other than that, it’s the same deal as last year – a remote controlled tank outfitted with a camera that can be controlled from a mobile app. You can also use the accelerometer in your mobile device to control the vehicle as if you were using a steering wheel. Video can be streamed to your device, and the camera is even equipped for night vision. You’ll even get audio thanks to a microphone installed on the tank. Control range is about the same as last year – 200 ft unobstructed, 100 ft with walls in the way.

Oh yes, this will be abused. I have no idea why you would buy this for your kids, especially in the age of social media, but if you like playing with fire, have at it – you know the kids are going to love it. The only bummer here is that it requires 6 AA batteries – it’s kind of a big remote controlled vehicle, but you still always hope for rechargeable power in this day and age.

Kids and adults alike can play James Bond for about $150 off Brookstone’s website.

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