Android App of the Week: Carbonite Mobile Freezes Your Phone’s Photos and Videos Like Han Solo

Apps that help you back up your phone’s content are pretty common on most app stores these days. Free apps that allow for unlimited storage and multiple devices on one account? Less common.

Carbonite Mobile is an app available for both iOS and Android devices. Users can back up all of their device’s photos and videos to one account, then access those files anywhere from the cloud. It’s an easy and free way to back up your personal memories, and it’s a nice way for the entire family to have one repository for everyone’s photos and videos, regardless of which device they own (provided it’s an Android or iOS device, that is). As long as everyone has the Carbonite Mobile app installed, accessing the files from the cloud should be free. If you want to use a PC to access those files, you’ll need to have a paid account with Carbonite.

The Android version of the app has a few exclusive features – remote wipe, the ability to add an extra passcode, and ringtones and GPS functions that help you to locate a lost phone.

Carbonite Mobile is available now on Google Play for free.

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