Case-Mate Clear rPet Transparent Case for iPhone 5 Review

This was the predicament, and call me superficial if you must, but I want to show off my iPhone 5 in all its glory… also while protecting it. The unibody back and sides are among the coolest features, and I don’t want to hide them under the thick skin of a case, I want the world to see! Thankfully, it didn’t take long for Case-Mate to produce the solution. The Case-Mate Clear rPet case is a clear impact resistant hard shell for iPhone 5, which bares it all!

The Case-Mate Clear rPet for iPhone 5 is a very simple case. It’s a transparent, protective, impact resistant hard shell that snaps on to your iPhone. The top and bottom of the case are fully exposed for complete access to those ports and buttons. There’s one large cutout for the volume/toggle switch and another large cutout for the camera/flash.

Nicely enough, the case exceeds iPhone’s face, so all the corners are protected, as are the sides. In terms of durability and protection, you can be sure that it’s much more protective than a real naked iPhone. It should hold up decently in a drop test, though we have to imagine scuffs and scratches are a possibility.

Case-Mate went for the “you wanted naked, we gave you naked” approach. The only additions they made to an otherwise completely bare case is a branded logo on the side, and strangely, a large custom recycle logo on the back. We’re wondering if this recycle logo is actually part of the production version, or just for our demo model. The recycle logo is not shown on the product webpage.

Having only tested the Case-Mate Clear rPet on a black iPhone, we imagine it’d look a little better on a white iPhone 5. It washes out the black a bit, and also adds some glare that could hide the Apple logo. From some angles, it looks like a naked iPhone but with a white shimmer running around the edges–we like that.

A problem with some cases is that dirt can get in, and ultimately scratch your phone from the inside of the case. This is one problem you don’t have to worry about with the Case-Mate Clear rPet, as you can see if any dirt is trapped between the case and iPhone.

iPhone 5 is too new and too sexy to hide it with a case. Show it off in the closest thing you’ll get to its birthday suit. The Case-Mate Naked is the protection you need to safely strut your stuff. It will soon be available from Case-Mate.com for $30. With time, that price will definitely come down on Amazon.

The Good: Clear, Durable/Protective, Simple, Accessible Ports and Buttons

The Bad: Case can add Rainbow Effect in Certain Angles

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