Everpurse Wants to Charge your iPhone 5 All Day Long

It’s hard to find a real winner on Kickstarter sometimes, but you know you’ve found a pretty solid idea when the funding goal has been reached with two and a half weeks still to go. If the Everpurse works as promised (and from the demo video, it’s clear that it does), it’s an idea that is definitely deserving of all that cash.

Everpurse is very simple – it’s a small bag for your smartphone. The great part is that once you drop your phone into Everpurse, your phone will automatically start to charge. It’s like an external battery pack for your smartphone, but without requiring you to have something bulky attached to your phone at all times. It doesn’t hurt that the early designs look pretty stylish, too. It’s not big enough to replace a full-sized purse, but you can just as easily drop the Everpurse inside of a handbag or purse, and fish it out when you need to use your phone.

The Everpurse itself will be charged using a charging mat that would be kept at home. A fully charged Everpurse, according to the duo behind the idea, will have enough power to increase battery life of an iPhone by about 100 percent.

The early bird specials are already sold out. As it stands, you’ll need to pitch in $129 to guarantee yourself a fabric Everpurse in one of three colors. If you want leather, it’ll cost you a little more.



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