Fitbit Debuts Zip Wireless Activity Tracker and the Fitbit One Activity + Sleep Tracker

Today,Fitbit announced an update to their fitness tracker line. You’ll have two new trackers to choose from – the tiny Fitbit One, which is being touted as the replacement for the older Fitbit Ultra, and the even tinier Fitbit Zip. Both trackers will be connected to your digital life in just about every way you’d expect.

The Fitbit One does a little more than just keep track of fitness stats – it’s also a sleep tracker that helps you log your sleeping patterns over time. The fitness part keeps track of steps, calories burned, stairs climbed, and distance traveled, while the sleep part keeps track of duration and quality of sleep, though it’s not clear how the One accomplishes the latter. You can rough it with the One, too – it’s water and sweat proof. There’s also an alarm clock, though if you’re a heavy sleeper, it might not be enough – the One will only vibrate softly to wake you. This would be a good time to mention that the One is very small and has a clip, so it can be worn at all times comfortably. The brighter display allows for nighttime use, too.

The Zip is very, very small – Fitbit describes it as the size of a quarter, and from the pictures provided, that looks like it’s an accurate claim. This one is just a fitness tracker, for simple stats like distance traveled, calories burned, and steps taken. It’s also water and sweat proof, and has a low glare screen. You can quickly toggle through the stats amassed by the Zip by tapping on the screen. There’s also a clip, so it can be worn, but it’s so tiny that it can just as easily be slipped into a pocket.

Both the Zip and the One are Bluetooth 4.0 compatible, and can be synced with other mobile devices that have the Fitbit app installed. The app has also been enhanced, but serves the same basic function – it keeps track of your stats over the long term, while rewarding you with badges and motivational messages. There’s also a social component, so you can give and receive encouragement or challenges. You can set challenges and goals for yourself, as well. The app also helps to keep other fitness stats organized, like workout and diet information. Fitbit also plays nice with other fitness apps, in case you’ve already become invested in one of the many others out on the market.

The Zip is now available on the Fitbit website and in stores, while the One will arrive later this fall. The Fitbit Zip will sell for about $60, and comes in magenta, lime, blue, charcoal, and white. The Fitbit One will sell for about $100, and will come in black and burgundy.

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