Hands-on with the iPhone 5 and New iPod Touch & Nano

It’s been an exciting day over here in San Francisco; we went hands-on with the new iPhone 5! Let’s just say we’re extremely eager for the September 21st Release Day.

While we only played for a few minutes, right off the bat it’s very apparent that the iPhone 5 is much lighter. It feels much more comfortable in-hand. While the edges of the iPhone 5 don’t appear much smoother than iPhone 4/4S, it feels a lot smoother, with less jagged edges. It feels extremely natural in-hand, especially for any iPhone upgrader. The width is about the same and while it’s almost 20% thinner, you can still get a nice grip.

It’s noticeably lighter, yes, but there’s no sacrifice in quality. It feels extremely solid, and lacks the plasticky feel of, let’s say, the Galaxy SIII.

The screen looks amazing; even iPhone 4/4S users will be impressed by the deeper, more vibrant colors.

Of course nobody’s really happy about the new lightning connect, but honestly….it felt pretty good. It doesn’t matter which way you insert the cable, which was nice, and it has a strong enough hold to hang iPhone upside down. Luckily there’s an adapter too. So add the adapter to your current iPhone dock, and the lightning connector is strong enough to support iPhone as is.

We’re geeking out hardcore over here over this iPhone 5. It looks amazing and feels amazing. The real question is: white or black?

Update: AT&T has announced that they will offer the iPhone 5 beginning next Friday, September 21st. Customers will be able to pre-order iPhone 5 beginning this Friday, September 14 at www.att.com/iPhone

Special thanks to Jennifer Jolly of Tecca.com for sharing her first impressions. For even more coverage of the iPhone 5 launch event, check out Jennifer Jolly’s coverage on Tecca

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  1. : D Yaaaay colors (for the ipod touch)
    Boo everything iphone 5. Seriously. That Galaxy III commercial is so accurate…

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