Honeywell with Febreze Freshness Cool & Refresh Fan – Review

The Honeywell with Febreze Cool and Refresh Fan is the perfect solution for homes that want to get those annoying smells out and stay cool at the same time. This unique product will fit nicely in your home while providing a refreshing scent that reaches far and wide without being intrusive.

The Honeywell with Febreze solves three problems effortlessly. It cools down a room, it eliminates smells, and freshens the air. Febreze known for their odor eliminating power, has joined forces with Honeywell to deliver a product first. We have seen smaller odor eliminating devices before, but typically those devices just plug-in to your wall socket and stay right there. The Honeywell fan however takes things a step further. No longer does one room smell lovely and the other one smells like hell. The fan pushes the Febreze sent out and at the same time sanitizing the air in the room.


The fan took only a few minutes to setup. Once you have it unpacked, just insert the Febreze cartridge (one is included) into the designated compartment. Then determine how much scent you want in the air and how powerful you want the fan to blow. Just keep in mind that depending on how fast or high you turn the fan and scent control feature, you will probably be going through cartridges pretty quickly. You will also have to hope that Febreze continues to make the cartridges for this fan, since they have a knack for changing the shapes and sizes of the cartridges quite often.

The included cartridge lasted a solid 5 days before we needed to replace it. We kept it at a steady low for both the scent and fan speeds.

The fan is over a 1ft high and can easily be placed the floor or sit on a corner table. I personally liked putting it somewhere out of site. People commented on the fresh smell of the room and how cool it felt. The Febreze scent traveled around an 850 square foot apartment easily via the oscillating feature. Certainly the strength of the smell is strongest in the room where the fan is stationed, but you can detect hints of the Febreze scent throughout the home.

Unfortunately, one disappointing feature was the lack of a battery option. Because the fan requires an electrical outlet to power it, it limits the freedom of putting the fan in odd places around your home where a device like this could be really needed. That includes lets say a laundry room, a bathroom, or even a garage where outlets are not so easily accessible or may be out of reach.

If you are looking for a device that not one cools your room down on warm days and also makes it smell good, the Honeywell with Febreze Cool and Refresh Fan is the way to go. It certainly won’t break the bank at only $29.99, but with the constant replacement of Febreze cartridges, that may become a hefty burden on your wallet over time.

The Good: Nice design that is not intrusive and will fit into any office or home environment. Good price. Fan speeds are impressive and scent traveled the distance in a spacious home.

The Bad: Lack of battery feature limits its portability. Febreze cartridges will require replacement pretty often.

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