Design the Ultimate Ultrabook Bag and Win $10k!

During season 8 of Project Runway, Mondo Guerra won the HP/Intel challenge, creating a colorful, vibrant design for a laptop bag. That design is now available as a vertical messenger bag and a carryall bag, but Guerra is more interested in a different design – yours.

Guerra is teaming up with HP to hold the HP Ultrabook Bag Contest. Would-be designers are encouraged to send in their own design ideas for a laptop bag, with the winner receiving $10,000 and an HP Ultrabook. Guerra and HP hope the prize money will give one budding fashion designer a big career boost.

That’s not the only contest being held by HP – there is also the HP Designer Matchup Challenge. Prominent bloggers and designers have been paired up and asked to create new tech-friendly designs using HP TouchSmart computers. Those would be the same computers used on Project Runway, so it looks like HP is looking to strengthen their ties with the show with these two contests. The results of this contest is now available for all to view during New York Fashion Week, and in the gallery below.

The incredible list of bloggers and designers participating in this challenge include:

And finally, if you’re just looking for some retail therapy, you can buy Guerra’s Vertical Messenger Bag for about $50 from the HP online shop. The Carryall Bag is selling for about $80.