“Mike” the Droid creature HTC One X/XL Case Review

There is no secret that the HTC One X smartphone is one of our favorite smartphones so far this year, but as great as the build quality is, it still needs protection. The “Mike,” the Droid creature case from Case-Mate is a great choice, for starters it shows off some serious Android pride with a truly original design. It also provides ample protection from daily wear via its Raised silicone pieces on its back-side. In addition, the tough silicon material makes the device easier to grip.

Not only are we smitten with the Droid emblazoned on the back, but we love how they threw on an adorable little green-Droid dog on the corner of the case as an accessory. Unfortunately our biggest gripe with the case is that it doesn’t fit snuggly enough around the HTC One X, and it’s a bit loose, especially around the edges of the display. Unfortunately we have seen the same issue with other silicon cases made for the One X, which makes us think that manufacturers are struggling to make a tight fitting case for the device. In any case, the case still provides ample protection for the HTC One X, while still allowing convenient access to its ports.

All in all, the “Mike” the Droid case is a must for the Android fan-girl or boy using an HTC One X, and it’s sure to illicit “how cute!” comments from your friends. And despite it’s “fitting” issues, it’s hard to go wrong with it for $25 bucks.

The Good: Adorable Android fanboy design with dog charm, provides ample protection while not weighing the device down.

The Bad: Case is a bit lose and not super form-fitting as it could be.

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