Intel Shows Off Next-Generation of Coca-Cola Machines

FINALLY, it seems that vending machines will be catching up with the tech-world we live in today. Ever ask yourself why you still need cash and change to use a vending machine? Where’s the credit card love? Intel has thrusted vending machines to the next level with their latest Coca-Cola machine, already released in South America.

The Intel powered Coca-Cola machine features a 46″ Multitouch LCD, WiFi, QR Code Reader, NFC, Microphone, HD 1080P Camera, and a Core-i7 Intel Processor. Intel calls this the Age of Intelligent Systems, and it’s about time vending machines catch up!

Rather than dumb buttons, which may or may not display the drink you think you’re purchasing, the Intel powered vending machine has a gigantic LCD touch-screen which features all the available drinks laid out in a gallery style. We’d have to assume you can learn various information about the beverages as well.

Since we also live in a social networking world, it only seems fitting that you can take a picture of yourself drinking your favorite beverage and share it with the world. There’s social integration and emailing capabilities, which you may not have expected from a vending machine, but don’t pretend like you’re surprised.

The other interesting benefit to an intelligent vending machines is that it provides owners and suppliers with a better understanding of their market. The technology is there to easily gauge low supply, consumer demand, or a broken machine. With a vending machine powered by an Intel Core-i7 processor, the possibilities are literally endless. We’d like to see the full 46″ touch screen pushed to its limits.

Of course our favorite feature is the ability to finally pay in a manner that doesn’t leave jingling change in our pockets. With NFC, it can be as easy as swiping your phone or credit card. Hopefully we’ll see these intelligent vending machines out in the wild soon enough!

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