IPEVO PadPillow Pillow Stand for iPad Review

One of the reasons I enjoy my iPad most is because I get to lounge around with it on the couch or in bed and chill out. But the annoying part about using the iPad, or any other tablet like that, is that you have to prop it up somehow – or hold it the whole time with your hands. Fortunately, IPEVO’s PadPillow Pillow Stand for iPad solves that problem for you. The soft body pillow holds your tablet or e-reader for you, comfortably on your lap.

The IPEVO PadPillow Pillow Stand for iPad is comfy enough to rest comfortably on your lap or stomach, yet it’s study enough to place the iPad on it. It even has room to hold a wireless keyboard, along with room for wrist support. It’s also made of a removable and machine washable material. Just don’t fall asleep with this on your lap or else you might wake up with your iPad on the floor, since the PadPillow doesn’t hold the iPad in all that securely.

So far the IPEVO PadPillow Pillow Stand for iPad has been wearing well for us. It’s also become a must have accessory that we keep near the bed at all times. In a lot of ways, the IPEVO PadPillow Pillow Stand for iPad is kind of like a “husband” for the iPad, and we love it. The IPEVO PadPillow Pillow Stand for iPad is available in a choice of 6 colors – blue dmim, charcoal gray, light khaki, lemongrass, honeysuckle (pink), and tangerine, for $34.95 at Amazon.

The Good: Comfortable to hold on your lap, works with most tablets and readers, machine washable, and lots of color choices

The Bad: Not a super secure hold for the iPad

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