iPevo Typi Folio Case + Wireless Removable Keyboard Review

iPad has been an amazing tool in limiting our reliance on actual computers and laptops. Some find the only thing it’s missing is a built-in keyboard. The iPevo Typi Folio Case is not the first iPad keyboard we’ve reviewed, and it won’t be the last, but it does happen to be one of the better and more affordable methods of morphing iPad into a laptop. As a big plus, the keyboard is is attached to the case by magnets and is removable.

The Case

The Typi is completely covered in a soft felt. The keyboard keyboard and stand is wrapped in a premium leather. Aside from the keyboard, it’s basically a standard portfolio case. iPad is inserted into a frame through a velcro seal on the top. The frame has cutouts, including a rear camera hole, large enough for all of iPad’s  ports and buttons.

There is a leather wrapped magnetic strap which does a fine job of sealing the portfolio shut. This leather strap is connected to a kickstand on the back of the case. The kickstand is sealed to the case with the button and props iPad at one ideal level.

The Keyboard

With these cases, the deciding factor usually comes down to the keyboard. We’ve reviewed cases with very flat keyboards, and even touch keyboards–the iPevo keyboard is much more like an actual laptop keyboard. It’s actually a bit more like a netbook keyboard as the keys are slightly narrower than a full sized keyboard. Once you get used to it, you can type very fast.  The keys have solid spring-back, much like you’re used that you’re used to. The leather casing around the keyboard is really comfortable to rest your palms on.

You would never be able to guess that the keyboard isn’t actually mounted to the case. It’s stuck on there pretty well with magnets. With a nice nudge, you can use the keyboard wherever you’d like. The keyboard is bluetooth, so you can also use it with your iPhone, computer, or other bluetooth compatible devices. The keyboard does a pretty good job at remembering one device at a time. It’s easy enough to pair if it does forget. There’s an included micr0-USB cable for recharging the battery. It can be used for up to 12 hours, or left in standby for 30 days.

Durability and Protection

The durability and protectiveness of the iPevo Typi is top notch. The frame is reinforced and iPad rests safely inside the case. While the felt finish feels soft to the touch and looks really  nice, it can be  a little trickier to keep clean.  Our Typi has held is still clean after a couple weeks, but we’ve dealt with felt cases, and they eventually get dirty.


It’s quite refreshing to see a usable iPad keyboard case that doesn’t break the $100 barrier. With a price tag of $79, it’s a purchase you can justify. While it’s definitely thick for an iPad case, you can always remove the keyboard and thin it out a bit. The built-in kickstand is a great feature, but the removable keyboard is really amazing. We’re also a big fan of our tan sandstone model, but it’s also available in red, black denim, light grey, and black. The iPevo Typi Folio Case is compatible with iPad 2 and iPad 3. It’s currently available from Amazon.com.

The Good: Nice Design, Built-In Stand, Removable Keyboard, Good Feedback on Keys

The Bad: Space Bar Double Registers Sometimes, Felt Gets Dirty

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