iPhone App of the Week: Safe Taxi GPS Alarm is a Panic Button for Taxi Passengers

A recent run of assaults and sexual assaults perpetrated by taxi drivers in Australia inspired Alexander Harrington of Lexington Creative to create Safe Taxi GPS Alarm. The free app allows passengers to enter the taxi ID number, which will help the app pinpoint the location of that taxi within 50 meters. Beforehand, users enter up to three trusted contacts, along with their phone numbers. In a threatening situation, a “Help!” button can be pressed, which will instantly transmit that GPS information to those contacts via text.

Unfortunately, we have been in enough TAXI’s in NYC to warrant this type of app.  Almost being kidnapped by a crazed taxi driver at one point comes to mind and another who refused to listen to how I wanted to go and insisted on taking me on his on ‘special’ pricey route. Having an App like this would have been ideal, or just hitting them over the head with my iPhone could have worked too.

If you’re worried about that kind of situation happening to you, Safe Taxi GPS Alarm is available now for free on the iTunes App Store. Taxi drivers be warned, there is an App for you now too!

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