Just What Your iPhone 5 Needs, a Keyboard Buddy Case

When Metallica sang about “The Thing That Should Not Be,” I’m pretty sure they were talking about Cthulhu. They might as well have been talking about this case, though.

The Keyboard Buddy Apple iPhone Case runs counter to the Jobsian ideal of a “beautiful” phone by slapping a slide-out keyboard onto the iPhone 5. On second reflection, though, it’s actually a pretty nice idea – there are probably plenty of people who like iOS, but are drawn to other phones by the presence of a physical keyboard. This makes both the case and the iPhone 5 more attractive. The only drawback might be the iPhone’s length, which could make it a little uncomfortable to use a physical landscape-oriented keyboard.

The case itself is a hard-shell, snap-on case that fits the contours of the iPhone 5 smoothly. The keyboard runs on its own battery, which should last up to two weeks on one charge (recharged with a Micro USB cord). The keyboard is backlit, and there is a cut-out for the camera lens and flash. The keyboard connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth 2.0.

The Keyboard Buddy could be a useful addition to your new iPhone, depending on who you are, but it is a little pricey. You’ll have to put down $90 and be OK with Steve Jobs rolling in his grave to get a Keyboard Buddy of your own.

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