LG’s 4K Ultra-Vision TV Will Come with all the Bells and Whistles For $20K!

Not to be one-upped by Sony, LG has announced their own massive 4K television, which will hit the United States sometime this year. And, it’ll be a whole $5,000 less than Sony’s – just $20,000! What a bargain!

The 84” LG UD84LM9600 (yeah, the name’s not important here) will be an LED-backlit smart television (we assume it will have the Google interface) with dramatically improved resolution over televisions with 1080p displays. The resolution, which is where the 4k name comes in, is 3840 x 2160. Traditional HD content will be scaled to match that resolution, but the screen won’t be maximized until content is actually created with 4K in mind, which is probably still a good three years off.

The new LG television also has passive 3D, with 3D content that, thanks to the superior display, will be in high-definition. Add that to gesture and voice control, and this television manages to pack pretty much everything you could possibly pack into a television at the present moment.

The LG UD84LM9600 4K LED 3D Smart TV (I know, right?) will be coming to a limited number of dealers later this year, with a $20,000 price tag. There will be no online sales.

Via Consumer Reports

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