Mapped in Israel Pins Israel as the Start-Up Destination of the Middle East

All of those blue pins you see on the map above are tech start-ups in Israel. So, that’s a lot of them. That’s good news if you’re a job seeker in Israel, looking for a job in tech.

Mapped in Israel is a new browser-based map that is trying to help out those job seekers even more. The map points out the locations of tech start-ups across the nation. The fledgling companies can be browsed by type (e.g. social media), and there are different colored pins indicating R&D centers, service providers and investors, in an effort to link together the whole start-up community.

Currently, Mapped in Israel has tabs pointing to the location of 751 start-ups, many of which are actively seeking new employees. Companies and investors can also use the site to put themselves on the map. Looks like those hoping to become those new employees will now know exactly where to look.

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