Need an Extra Pair of Eyes for Your iPad, Monitor2Go is the Solution

If one screen just isn’t enough for your iPad, you’re in luck – Monitor2Go is here.

Monitor2Go is a 15.6” display that can be rotated 360 degrees or tilted upward and downward. An iPad can be neatly encased in the bottom part of the device, but the display will work with any device with an HDMI port or any PC. The screen is LED backlit, and the monitor can be daisy chained or mounted to the wall. It’s going to be ideal for presentations or movie watching – a lightweight extra display with a very simple set-up. You’ll be able to draw or show images on your iPad while everyone else in the room can see what’s going on in real-time.

You can buy the Monitor2Go from a few different places, but right now, it looks like the best deal puts the price at about $230. If you have a need for it, and the money to spend, it doesn’t look like a bad investment.

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