Monster Partners with MTV on Futuristic DNA Headphones

Monster is releasing a new line of headphones, with an emphasis on new – new sound technology, new shape, and a new marketing partner. And, you’re about to see them all over television pretty soon.

Monster DNA Headphones are coming soon, complete with futuristic-tinged pyramidal ear cups. Monster is partnering up with Viacom to market the new headphones, which will be popping up all over Viacom’s cable television properties. Most significantly, that means MTV and VH1. The headphones will be featured on the MTV Video Music Awards this Thursday, with presenters and performers receiving special chrome versions. Monster DNA Headphones will take the European stage in November, during the Europe Music Awards.

Monster hasn’t offered any details about the specs going into the new Monster DNA headphones, but they have confirmed that the new headphones will feature a buddy jack that friends can use to plug their headphones into yours. Who knows, maybe you can create a whole daisy chain of music sharing.

The marketing partnership aims to do a little more than sell headphones. Monster and Viacom will also work to raise awareness for a few of the foundations headed by Viacom brands, like the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, SPIKE’s Hire a Vet, and the VH1 Save the Music Foundation.

The Monster DNA Headphones will see a September release in the United States, and an October release in Europe. The headphones will be available in black, white, cobalt blue, and perfect teal, and will retail for about $229. In-ear DNA headphones will also be sold, available in black and white. Those will sell for about $119.

With all of that said, we can’t help but see a resemblance here to Monster’s Diesel VEKTR headphones. Anyone else agree?

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