Multi-Charging Station Keeps All of Your Gadgets Neat and Tidy

This Multi-Charging Station is a reminder of how far we’ve come in the world of consumer electronics. We lived through the ’90s – the days when we needed a different gadget for browsing the Web, making calls, and listening to music. Then, we got smartphones – amazing! We’ll only ever need one device from now on.

Except now we’re back to a lot of devices again. You can charge up to five of them using this Multi-Charging Station. There’s room for a laptop, a tablet, and up to three smartphones (or other smartphone-sized devices), along with a magnetic compartment on the bottom to stuff all those unsightly wires.

The Multi-Charging Station is available in both bamboo and and faux leather. Those two versions are selling for about $30 and $25, respectively. The Multi-Charging Station ships later this month.

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