myCharge Peak 6000 Portable Battery Charger Review

Portable mobile chargers are nothing new, but they’re definitely in demand. The myCharge Peak 6000 is perhaps the coolest, most convenient, and easiest portable charger we’ve used. This portable battery pack features a built-in iOS cable, micro-USB cable, actual USB cable, USB port, and a wall charger–all discreetly tucked away. It packs a 6000 mAh battery, which is about the size of four smartphones, and it can charge three devices simultaneously.

While this isn’t quite a battery pack you’d pocket (though you could) it happens to be extremely convenient for any traveling or in-home setting. It’s about the size of a smart phone, but chunkier with some extra heft. Dare we say, it’s a little brick? It’s pretty durable and feels far from cheap. The included cables are strong and uniquely tucked away for worry-free travel.

With the Peak 6000, you’ll be everyone’s best friend. It can charge three devices simultaneously and has a built-in iOS and micro-USB charging cable, plus a free USB port. It can basically charge any mobile device, tablet, or accessory, and fast too! With the USB port you can plug in a Mini-USB cable or any proprietary charging cable (i.e. Samsung Tablets).

The fold-out wall prong charger is just one of the features that makes the Peak 6000 charger amazingly convenient. If you don’t have access to a wall outlet, you can also charge the battery using the built-in USB cable. This USB cable acts as a passthrough for your iOS device so it can still sync with iTunes.

The myCharge Peak 6000 is pretty smart. It knows when to start and stop charging. It has a built-in LED battery meter as well as voice alerts. The Peak has various voice announcements, like battery level and charging status. Voice is a neat feature, but it’s equally as annoying as it is convenient. It can be turned off.

The Peak has a 6000 mAh battery, which is pretty large for a mobile battery. It should technically be able to charge four mobile phones from 0% to 100%, but in practice I’ve found it to be closer to three (turned on while charging). The Peak charges your devices faster than plugging them into a computer’s USB port.

We didn’t have much to gripe about with the peak, but if you want to get picky….. While iPhone is charging, it can only lay on the peak face down. That, or you have to lay the Peak face down, defeating the purpose of Peak’s rubber feet. The current orientation of the iOS cable is actually convenient for an iPad, which would lay upright behind the Peak rather than on top of it. While 6000 mAh is plenty of juice for smart phones, it’s only about half of the new iPad 3’s capacity. With older iPads, 6000mAh is closer to a full charge. Lastly, we had just one device that curiously wasn’t able to charge using the built-in micro-USB cable, we had to plug in our own micro-USB cable into the empty USB port to get our HTC Titan II Windows phone to charge.

The myCharge Peak 6000 could very well be the best portable battery pack on the market. It isn’t a pocket charger for you to bring out on the town, but rather a pocket-sized portable charger to keep your myriad of devices charged while you’re on the go. It retails for $99.99 and can be purchased from MyCharge.com.

The Good: Great Design and build quality, Built-In Cables and Wall Charger, 6000 mAh Battery, Voice Alerts, Built-in Battery Meter

The Bad: Couldn’t Charge HTC Titan II with Built-In Cable, Not the smallest nor the most compact 6000 mAh Battery pack on the market, a bit pricey

Update 5/31/2013: The myCharge Peak 6000 has been replaced by  the Hub 6000.

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  1. I disagree politely that you can only charge the iPhone face down. I lay my iPhone face up on the table in front of the top of the MyCharge Peak 6000 charger. I then roll the cable down and out the front of the charger and plug it in.

    Right now, I’m on the train. My laptop is plugged in to 110V power. The MyCharge Peak 6000 is laying face up to the left of my computer, plugged in via USB to the laptop and charging. In front of the Peak and to my left is my iPhone. To the left of the Peak is my MiFi charging (also face up.

    So I do not have the same complaint you do – though I know that I take more ‘desk space’ than your solution. Also, the iPhone is upside down (though right side up) so it is not completely optimal. Like you say though, we’ll need an adapter for the iPhone5 anyway, so i may need an extension cable of one sort or another which may make these challenges moot.

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