Philips Original Radio is Retro on the Outside, but Modern on the Inside

A lot of retro-looking tech that has come out recently has been in name only. Not many companies can really do retro, in the way Philips can. That’s because Philips is old enough to where, if they do retro, they don’t need to craft a cheap imitation of how things used to be.

They can just draw on something they actually made in the ’50s.

The Philips Original Radio is, on the outside, based on the design of the Philips Philetta 254, which was released in 1955. It was one of Philips’ most popular radios at the time, and now, in 2012, Philips is hoping to recapture that magic.

Fortunately, only the outside looks like it’s from 1955. Once you get past the retro surface you’ll find an Apple 30-pin connector dock, DAB+ digital radio, and FM radio. Go even further inside, and you’ll find two ten-watt speakers capable of producing an impressive range of audio for the Philips Original Radio’s size.

The Philips Original Radio will be available in dark wood and cream, both of which will have a black front. Pricing and availability are unknown.

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