Phorus PS-1 Wireless Speaker Offers an Alternative to Airplay for Android

The iPhone can no longer hold AirPlay over Android’s head. Android devices now have their own specialized device to facilitate music streaming over Wi-Fi – the Phorus PS-1 Wireless Speaker.

Phorus is owned by parent company DTS, which has developed DTS Play-Fi wireless technology. That serves essentially the same purpose as AirPlay for iOS – it streams music over Wi-Fi, which allows for better sound quality than the alternative, Bluetooth. And unlike Bluetooth, Play-Fi can stream uncompressed files. The required Play-Fi app handles the organization and transmission of your music library, while preserving audio quality and sound details. The speaker itself emits 360 degree sound.

The speaker has a place where you can rest your Android phone, but it’s not exactly a docking station. The whole systems works over Wi-Fi, so you’re free to roam around and use your Android phone or tablet for other purposes while the Play-Fi app streams music to the speaker in the background.

In addition to the PS-1 Speaker, Phorus has also developed the Play-Fi Receiver which lets you extend Play-Fi technology to just about any other speaker system. Finally, the speakers and receiver can work together to stream music to a multi room set-up, all by using the app. In this way, Phorus is a lot like the popular, but much more expensive multi-room streaming alternative – Sonos.

Now that the PS-1 is here, it’s easy to imagine a bunch more products like it will soon be coming out of the woodwork. Good thing for Android device owners – hopefully that will push the price down. Still, the pricing on the Phorus PS-1 Wireless Speaker isn’t too egregious, at about $200. You can grab the device off the Phorus store or from Amazon. The Play-Fi app will be available for free on Google Play on October 1st.


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