iPad App of the Week: Polaroid Instant Sort of Brings Back the Original Polaroid Experience

There’s no guarantee that it won’t come off as awkward imitation, but for what it’s worth, the Polaroid Instant app for the iPad does its best to imitate the old Polaroid instant camera experience.

When you take a photo with the app, you’ll see a dark photo appear to drop from the camera on screen, which will then slowly become clear, revealing the picture you just took. Basically, you’re getting an app that will deliberately slow down the process of taking a picture and looking at the final result unnecessarily, so you’ll have to ask yourself how in love you are with the old Polaroid experience before purchasing this app.

On top of the experience, the app gives you about 30 filters to play with, and allows you to put a Polaroid white border around your picture, the bottom of which you can fill with a caption in one of several provided fonts. The finished product can be shared on the usual social media suspects, and the app is geared for Retina use.

You can snap up the Polaroid Instant app from the iTunes App Store now for $1.99.

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