Prometheus Celebrates Digital HD Launch with Custom Beats Headphones

Last night at The Beats Store in New York City, Fox held a celebration for the release of Prometheus on Digital HD. Digital HD is a new thing, and something that might indicate that the usually stodgy film industry is warming to the idea of digital distribution (although it’s more like they don’t have a choice).

Digital HD releases will come directly from Fox. The movies themselves will be a one-time purchase of $15 – afterwards, you’ll be able to access the movie via cloud storage from any device you own. Digital HD releases will also come before physical Blu-ray and DVD releases.

At the celebration, The Beats Store, acting as good hosts, prepared customized Beats based on the movie. The Engineer from Prometheus showed that, for all his power and desire to wipe out humanity, he isn’t immune from our strongest weapon – good old consumerism. You can see shots of him here, deeply fascinated by the odd sounds made by his creations.