Saks Fifth Avenue Brings AT&T Wi-Fi To Fashionistas in 44 Stores

If you want to duck in someplace to avoid hits to your monthly data cap, there are much worse places to go than Saks Fifth Avenue.

The fashion retail chain has announced that Wi-Fi service from AT&T is coming to all 44 locations across the United States. This is actually the culmination of a gradual roll-out that began last November at the original store in New York City. Now, you’ll be able to connect at any location – Saks suggests that you use it to view their app, which introduces you to even more fashions and features an event calendar for all the store locations.

But again, the real good news here is that we have one more place where we can hitch a ride on free Wi-Fi. In the age of data caps, that should always bring out the smiles.

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