Android App of the Week: Spring Design’s ScreenShare Gets Smartphones and Tablets Working Together

ScreenShare is currently just in beta, but if you own both an Android smartphone and an Android tablet and you usually tote both around, it’s one worth looking into.

The new app lets you use the tablet as a second, larger screen for your smartphone. Using the app, you can connect the two devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, then view email, web browser content, or files stored in your smartphone on your tablet.

Granted, in most cases, this isn’t that exciting – there isn’t all that much you can do on a smartphone that you can’t do on a tablet. That said, if your smartphone has a data network connection and your tablet doesn’t, it could be a nice way to view Web-based stuff from your smartphone on a bigger screen.

Coming with the beta are two specialized apps – SpringMail and SpringNet – that allow you to throw email and browser data, respectively, to your tablet. The data itself will be on your tablet, so you’ll be experiencing it as if you were actually running the email client on your tablet. Out of the gate, SpringMail has support for Gmail, with Yahoo! Mail support coming a little later.

Currently, the beta of ScreenShare is available for free, as are the two accompanying apps. Once the app comes out of beta, the SpringMail app is confirmed to be $0.99. You can find the apps now on Google Play. An SDK is also out, so third party developers can start building in features that work with ScreenShare.

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