Smart Han Bento Lunchbox is Really Just a Push-Pop of Sticky Rice

The elementary school playground is a source of great debates. Disagreements over cootie immunization records and athletic prowess in kickball rage on. One thing, however, is not up for debate.

Push Pops are awesome.

The Push Pop is a masterwork in ice cream engineering, avoiding the mess of traditional ice cream cones, but always remaining thoroughly delicious. You can even handle it with one hand, and use the other to play MASH or something.

The Push Pop for adults has finally arrived, courtesy of Takara Tomy and the Japan Trend Shop. The Smart Han is a tube that you can fill with sticky rice. If you’re looking for a quick one-handed lunch, this is it. Unlike Push Pops, you twist the bottom up to push out the rice.

The Smart Han comes in blue and orange, and is selling for $26 from the Japan Trend Shop, plus $16 for shipping. Those who don’t know the meaning of break time can finally toil away furiously while eating lunch simultaneously. Lucky them.

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