Speck CandyShell Case for iPhone 5 Review

Speck’s CandyShell has been one of the most stylish ways to protect your iPhone for a few years now. Here they are, another year, and another impressive lineup of CandyShells for the new iPhone 5. While the CandyShell has always been a clunky way of seriously protecting iPhone with a lot of pizzazz, Speck has managed to build it thinner and lighter this time around. No longer do you have to turn iPhone into a brick to cash in on a sweet design and the ultimate protection.

The Speck CandyShell is a dual-layer one-piece case. Much like a candy bar, it has a tough outer shell that keeps the inner goodness safe and protected. The outer shell is a tough and durable glossy plastic. The inside is a soft shock-absorbing rubber-like material. Each CandyShell is two-tone, where the outer shell differs in color from the accents and inner lining. The two-tone design and crazy color-schemes is what makes for such a snazzy case.

One of our favorite features of the CandyShell is it’s raised rubberized button overlays. They make it very easy and comfortable to access the volume and lock buttons. There is a cutout large enough to access the vibrate toggle, and a large cutout for the camera, headphone port, and charging dock. There are speaker holes for the microphone and speaker, they seem to make no difference other than providing the case some extra structural integrity.

It helps that iPhone 5 is thinner and lighter, but the CandyShell no longer feels as clunky and hefty as it used to. It’s a relatively lightweight case now and no thicker than an iPhone 4/4S with a thin case on. We love the design and protectiveness of the CandyShell, and always have, but ruled it out as being a bit too hefty–not anymore!

Speck’s CandyShell for iPhone 5 already has 14 amazingly fun color schemes. It’s currently available for a price of $34.95, a price slightly higher than average. This price will eventually come down on Amazon.com, however it’s still a price you can justify. Besides, who wants to skimp on protection for their brand new shiny device?

It’s also worth taking a look at Speck’s CandyShell Grip Case.

The Good: Sleek, Neat Design, Great Color Options, Light, Protective, Button Overlays, Durable
The Bad: Bezel *May* Wear Over Time

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