Speck CandyShell Grip Case for iPhone 5 Review

Wow, it didn’t take long for the best iPhone 5 case to hit the market. Of course that’s a bold statement, but Speck has spent years building a strong name for themselves in the case industry. Historically, their CandyShell has been among the toughest and most protective cases on the market, while providing an extremely unique and nifty appearance. Last year, they greatly improved on the classic CandyShell with a sleeker version, the CandyShell Grip. For iPhone 5, the CandyShell Grip is even thinner, and feels even lighter, while still claiming an extremely unique and fabulous design in a number of colors.

The CandyShell is a one piece case, but fused with two materials, each a different color. The inner part of the case has a soft rubbery lining that also extends to parts of the outer casing including the bezel around the screen, the button overlays, and neatly designed grips on the back of the case. The exterior material is a hard and glossy plastic. The grips on the back of the phone are very stylish, but also really do help you keep a nice grasp on iPhone 5.

We’ve watched Speck over the years as they gradually improved each and every feature on iPhone cases. They really have it down now. This time around we’re happy to see large button overlays for the volume and lock buttons, all of which line up perfectly. There’s a large camera cutout, another for the vibrate toggle (which is actually big enough to access), and a cutout for the headphone jack and charger. Speck chose to add speaker holes for the microphone and speaker rather than go with cutouts. This seems to make no difference other that adding some structural integrity to the case build. CandyShells have always been tricky to remove, it’s a bit easier on the new iPhone 5 Grip. Another CandyShell issue is the wearing along the bezel, the Grip seems to have a tougher more resilient bezel.

When people feel iPhone 5 with the CandyShell Grip hands-on, they still exclaim how much lighter it feels than iPhone 4/4S. The CandyShell is no longer a bulky case. The Grip perfectly compliments iPhone 5’s build, while offering some solid protection. We absolutely love the color schemes too. Speck’s CandyShell Grip is currently available for iPhone 5 for $34.95, a price that’s slightly above average, but this is an above average case, so it’s worth it.

The Good: Nifty Design, Different Colors, Great Protection + Shock Absorption, Sleek Design, Raised Button Overlays, Good Grip
The Bad: Bezel *May* Wear Over Time

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  1. Totally agree w you on this one. My old Speck case on my iP 4s was clunkly/bulky. This one makes my iP 5 feel like I’m riding bareback on a hone w no case.

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