Steve Jobs Gets Encased in Steel in This Apple Tree Sculpture

Well, that’s one way you can pay tribute to the late Steve Jobs.

The fruitful Apple tree above is shown (literally) sprouting from the active mind of Steve Jobs in this, um, unique iron sculpture, entitled “Apple Tree Sculpture”. The golden Apple is perched on the top of the tree – the forbidden fruit high above, growing out from the creator below. But wait, aren’t we not supposed to eat the forbidden fruit? And there’s the carefully pruned branches, symbolic of the failed ideas that Jobs had to hack off to get to his vision? Does that sound right? Was Han Solo an inspiration? I don’t know, all of these metaphors are confusing me. There’s just so much going on here to ponder.

The only things I know for sure are that you can somehow use it as an iPad holder, and that the sculptor, Valentin Oflidis, likes Sprite. You can click through to Oflidis’ blog to view more shots of the finished product. Then, you can join me in reflecting on the infinite mysteries of Apple Tree Root Steve Jobs Head.

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