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Jennifer Lopez Wants You To Curate Your Own T-Shirt On Teeology

Looks like the science of T-shirts has finally been perfected in southern California, and Teeology is looking to share the fruits of their research in more ways than one.

Teeology is a new website that features T-shirts that will be sold directly from the manufacturers under the Teeology brand to consumers. For you, that means much lower prices on high-quality tees. How high of quality? Well, Jennifer Lopez is one of the lead curators of T-shirt designs for the site. I don’t know Jennifer Lopez personally, but if I had to hazard a guess, I’d say she doesn’t usually associate with subpar products.

The website is being launched by two fashion entrepreneurs, MJ Eng and Brian Lee, and two clothing and apparel manufacturers, Erica Zohar and Jeff Marine. Together with a lineup of curators led by Lopez, the group will create and sell their own T-shirts. There’s one more crucial member of the production process, and that would be the fashion-forward public. Teeology will accept designs from anyone and everyone – should your design be chosen, you’ll get $500 worth of compensation. The curators pick out the best designs, then put them up for a public vote. The highest rated shirts will be manufactured and sold. Should you pre-order a tee that wins one of the votes, you’ll be rewarded with free shipping. Democracy in action.

The people behind Teeology promise they’ll be using only the best materials, and everything will be printed and manufactured in Los Angeles. Tees will be mostly form-fitting, and will be sold starting at $29. You will need to sign up for a membership before you can buy anything, but the membership is free.

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