Thank the Heavens, a Golden iPhone 5 Has Arrived

The phenomenon of flagship smartphones being decked out in gold or crystals is actually a fascinating one. We’re seeing luxury items being made into…even more of luxury items? I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s adding layers of luxury on top of each other, like a cake, if cakes cost more than what most people make in a month.

The luxury-upon-luxury industry is getting speedy, too. The iPhone 5 has just arrived, and just a week later, we have our first gold plated iPhone 5. This golden, unlocked, 64 GB iPhone 5 is being sold from GoldStriker, and is coated in 24 carat gold. Individually set crystals cover the home button and the Apple logo on the back. Alternately, you can just sit back and enjoy the awesome photoshop job on the advertisement pictured above.

So, how much is this golden egg going for? £2,695.00. That’s $4,380 worth of smartphone, but I guess the good news here is that these are getting released much earlier, so you can get in a full year of showing it off before the next iPhone comes out and you look outmoded.

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