Visualitee Offers Up Augmented Reality T-Shirts

Want to make sure your next T-shirt pops? You can give people around you a show with the new augmented-reality T-shirts from Visualitee.

Every T-shirt from Visualitee has an image that will trigger some kind of augmented reality reaction when viewed through the camera of a mobile device. What the reaction is will change from T-shirt to T-shirt – sometimes you’ll see the shirt become animated, while other times you’ll get to play some kind of a simple game based on the shirt’s design. One example shown in the video below demos a Guitar Hero-like game that you can play when viewing one of the Visualitee T-shirts with augmented reality. You can also manipulate the objects on the shirt, and create modified photos that you can share.

The only problem I can see with the idea is the awkward part when you have to actually tell everyone around you that your T-shirt has an augmented reality surprise for them, and then convince them to get their mobile devices out to view it. But, if you have a circle of family and friends that are particularly enthusiastic about tech, the tees could be a hit.

Best news is, augmented reality or no, these are some fun novelty tees that you can get at a pretty low price. The price for a Visualitee T-shirt ranges between $10 and $20.

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