Walls 360 Brings the Periodic Table to Life with 131 Embedded QR Links

Sometimes, Walls 360 comes out with some wall graphics of a not-so-serious nature. But, other times, the company produces something a little more noble.

The Periodic Table Wall Graphic, put together by designer Yiying Lu, brings the essential poster of the chemistry world onto walls everywhere. This particular periodic table has gotten a 21st century upgrade, too – and we’re not just talking about new elements that have been discovered. Each element will have its own QR code that will link to the corresponding Wikipedia entry for that element, giving students everywhere a boost in knowledge about the building blocks of the universe. Each element group will also have its own QR code link, so you can tell your lanthanides from your actinides.

The standard sized Periodic Table Wall Graphic is selling from Walls 360 for $15, while a larger version is available and currently discounted at $35.


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