Simon Cowell’s X Headphones Debut Just in Time for X-Factor

I don’t know whether or not Simon Cowell has the cool factor of Dr. Dre or Ludacris, but either way, you’ll soon be seeing the legendary naysayer’s vision of what the perfect set of headphones should be.

A while ago, Sony teamed up with Simon Cowell to form Syco Entertainment, for the purpose of developing tech for all things music related. Out of that company comes the X Headphones, which promise to have unmatched sound clarity (just like everyone else). The headphones will have memory foam on the ear cups, and will also have a swivel cup design for added comfort and convenience. There will also be an in-line, Apple-friendly 3-button controller with microphone, track switching, and volume control. As for sound quality, the X Headphones will have 50 mm drivers and powerful sub-bass performance (yeah, again, just like everyone else).

Are the X Headphones really that much better than what’s out there now? You’ll be able to find out for yourself sooner rather than later  – the headphones will debut tonight during the premiere of The X Factor before becoming available online on September 15th. They will show up in stores at the end of the month, hopefully with demo models, so you can make sure they live up to the hype. The X Headphones will sell for about $300.