50 Retro Video Games That Tried to Speak

I hope you came ready for nostalgia today, because this trip through memory lane brings back a lot of gaming classics from long, long ago.

This video chronicles the days before voice acting was a big deal in the video game industry – when just getting any utterance that sounded remotely human was an accomplishment. Here are 50 video games that (more or less) succeeded. Now, I’m going to assume that these are in no particular order, because there’s absolutely no way that “Boomshakalaka” and “Finish him” are anywhere outside of the top three sound bytes from the video games of yesteryear. The good old “Sega” jingle is a welcome addition, too. And, I’d say that I’m happy to get an earful of Streets of Rage 2 again after all these years, but that would be a lie, because I honestly just played that game last week.

Of course, any “top 50” list is going to have its share of unforgivable omissions. This one is no different, so I’ll submit my top entry for the snubs – leaving out Sinistar is just unacceptable. I don’t know, maybe Sinistar sounded too inhuman for this list. I HUNGER.

Above all, it’s a reminder of how ridiculously far we’ve come in a pretty short period of time, since most of these games are from no later than the mid-’90s. I’m not saying that ’90s were just yesterday, but going from what we had then to the blockbuster-style, hyper-realistic games we have now in less than twenty years has to be regarded as a stunning accomplishment. So, before you sit down for another session of Halo, take a trip back and remember your roots.