Android App of the Week: Get a Leg Up on the Newest Games With All the Cheats

How many of you remember the days of hint books that could only be read with a red decoder tool? Because if we plan on cheating, the publisher might as well add another layer of difficulty.  Well those days of decoding hint books and walkthroughs are long gone and there is actually a whole market based on published step by step guides for video games.  Well now it looks like the cheats are heading to your Android smartphone.

All the Cheats, an Android App that has recently received an update to include several of the newest, most popular games to hit the market. That includes Pokemon Black and White 2, Resident Evil 6, Dead or Alive 5, Borderlands 2, Bad Piggies, and man that is a lot of sequels. There are hundreds of other games new and old listed on the app, as well.

In addition to cheat codes, the app will offer tips on how to get an edge in-game, whether in single- or multi-player modes. All the Cheats is available now on Google Play for free, and is without ads. Cheating  has never been more tempting…when playing a video game that is.

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