Android App of the Week: Smart Tools is a Swiss Army Knife for Your Smartphone

Smart Tools packs in 15 utilities that just might the smartphone a handyman or woman’s best friend. The app contains includes five sub-apps – Smart Ruler Pro, Smart Measure Pro, Smart Compass Pro, Sound Meter Pro, and Smart Light Pro. Smart Ruler Pro includes measurements for length and angles, and also includes a level. Smart Measure Pro can help users measure distances, length, height, width, and calculate area. Smart Compass Pro includes GPS, a compass, and a metal detector, while Sound Meter Pro includes measurements for decibel levels and a vibrometer. Smart Light Pro will grant you a flashlight and a magnifier.

You can buy all five of those Pro sets as individual apps for $0.99 each, and there are also free lite versions of each. Getting all five of those apps together under Smart Tools will cut down on the price a little. You can get Smart Tools from Google Play for $2.50.

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