Ballistic SG MAXX Samsung Galaxy S III Case Review

Going mountain biking or doing serious outdoor work? Then the Ballistic SG MAXX case might just be what you need to protect your Samsung Galaxy S III. The Ballistic case is extremely tough and feels like a suit of armor, protecting your phone from drops, bumps, and nearly all the unexpected things that could happen outdoors (just don’t drop it in a river – the case isn’t waterproof). The best way to describe this case on first appearance is that it’s the type of case you would use if you’re an outdoorsy person or prone to accidents and need something durable enough to protect your pricey new S III.

So, how does the Ballistic case protect your phone? Let’s start with the materials. The case includes shock absorbent polymer, an impact resistant polycarbonate shell, and silicone corners. The case also comes with a rigid screen protector which is nothing like the flimsy screen protectors we’re used to sticking on our screens. All together, it’s great protection with the added benefit of a heavy duty holster that you can swivel around 360 degrees.

To sum it all up, if you need top protection for your Samsung Galaxy S III or have a talent for dropping your phone, the Ballistic SG MAXX case will more than do the job. If you’re looking for a case that will protect your phone but will be friendlier for day-to-day regular indoor use, then this case is probably not the right fit for you. The case is available in Black, Black/white, Cobalt, Hot Pink/White, and Charcoal/White and retails for as low as $26.

The Good:

  • The large rounded silicon corners provide tons of protection.
  • Comes with swivel holster which can swivel 360 degrees.
  • Picture quality is preserved thanks to camera cutouts.
  • Nice selection of color choices for a rugged case.

The Bad:

  • Case is bulky and heavy.
  • The shell is a dust magnet. Beware, because the second you open the case to put your phone in, you’re likely to have dust particles in the there.
  • The included rigid screen protector is not clear. And no matter how I tried to clean it, it still wasn’t clear. It gives the appearance that you have dust stuck under it and smudges, even when it has been perfectly cleaned. Also, once it’s on, I had to press the screen harder than usual for the phone to accurately read my finger movements.
  • The USB opening doesn’t really close properly, so it gives the impression that with time and frequent opening and closing it’s going to stick out even more. The headphone jack on top of the phone closes a little better.
  • The back cameras are not covered or protected with anything, which means it doesn’t prevent dust and dirt from getting caught in the opening. Once dirt is in there, because the case is so much thicker, the only real way to clean it out is to take apart the case.

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