BoxWave Manila Envelope iPhone 5 Case Review

Special Delivery! It’s the iPhone 5 in the most adorable case of all time! The BoxWave Manila Envelope is a perfectly sized padded pouch for iPhone 5.

The BoxWave Manila Envelope looks and feels like real leather, but instead it’s synthetic and animal-friendly. It’s very nicely padded and the inside is covered in a soft fabric. It’s quite light and super protective. With its thick padded material and reinforced corner I’d trust my iPhone 5 in this sleeve over any case we’ve reviewed to date. It is, however, less usable than any other case.

So the Manila Envelope isn’t ideal for your pocket, but it is the best way to protect a naked iPhone if you have a backpack, pocketbook, or even a fannypack. It can even fit an iPhone with a case as long as its not an abnormally chunky case. Since it features the authentic mailer flap lock, there’s leeway to securely seal in iPhone with a case. It can also fit an iPhone 4/4S and other similarly sized tech products.

It’s hard to not instantly fall in love with the BoxWave Manila Envelope. It’s everything you’d expect and no surprises. Unfortunately for a lot of us, it’s not extremely practical…unless you need a sealed iPhone sleeve. At just $16.95, it makes an amazing gift and stocking stuffer. If you’re the best gift-giver ever, this can be the wrapping for a special someone’s brand new iPhone 5! BoxWave.com has a ton of inexpensive iPhone cables, as well as an affordable iPhone / iPad Stylus that is worth checking out. The BoxWave Manila Envelope for iPhone 5 is also available on Amazon for $16.95.

The Good: Ridiculously Adorable, Protective, Light, Fits iPhone with Cases, Will Work With Similar Sized Devices, Very Affordable

The Bad: Nothing (As Long as You’re Expecting an iPhone Sleeve)

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