Case-Mate POP! Samsung Galaxy S III Case Review

As an all-around solid case for the Samsung Galaxy S III, the POP! case from Case-Mate really does the job and does it well. It’s fun, different, and feels very durable due to its hard shell. There is something about the design that gives it a unique look without going overboard and it makes you feel like your phone is very well protected.

With the POP! case, a soft rubber and hard shell plastic were molded together into one casing unit, achieving the feel of a lot of other cases without the extra parts. Just like the name of the case, the Galaxy S III just pops right in (with a bit of skillful pushing), leaving you easy access to all the ports while providing a rigid backing. On the sides, the soft rubber is actually made into a grooved, cross hatched design which makes for incredible grip putting all the soft silicone cases to shame. And set into the back of the case, a stand is ready to be pulled out which has a rubber tip to help with use on slippery surfaces.

Overall, the POP! case does a good job of covering all the bases and has some serious benefits over competitors. To summarize, the POP! Case for the Galaxy S III is a really good choice for someone who needs a solid case that is unique, stays clean, and offers great protection in multiple environments. The case is available in Navy/Aqua, Black/Black, Pink/Orange, White/Honeysuckle, or White/Black, and can be found for as low as $20.


  • It stays clean. Yes, compared to all the silicone cases, this one does NOT attract dust, dirt, or lint! Finally, a case that looks good without being a dust magnet.
  • The plastic backing really does make the phone feel incredibly well protected. There is something about the hard plastic that makes your phone seem extra sturdy.
  • Excellent Grip. The grip they picked for this phone is perfect. No complaints. It is the best grip on a case that I’ve experienced, and the fact that it extends almost all the way up the sides is a bonus.
  • Unique Design. Since the POP! case is made of two different materials, the design allows for two-toned color combinations. You can get one in all black, but why do that? The Navy / Aqua color combo is so nice that you can actually pull off using the case for fancier meetings or even going to soccer games. The design is just the right amount of edgy and smooth to make it work.


  • Plastic shell scratches very easily. The glossy finish doesn’t help with this it all because it just makes the scratches all the more visible. It would have been ideal if they used a different finish to minimize this, since the back already becomes scratched after very little use.
  • The stand in the back is very flimsy and doesn’t work so well (and that’s an understatement) on softer surfaces. It isn’t strong at all, and trying to get the phone to stand vertically is next to impossible. Even when it’s horizontal, it’s barely holding the phone up and it’s tricky trying to use the touch screen without it falling over. For minimal use, it’s still a cute feature, but perhaps in the future, case-mate will build a more solid stand.
  • The phone is hard to remove from the case. For people who need to switch cases frequently, this could end up being an issue. It’s really not that easy to take the case on and off due to the rigid plastic, which means you have to come up with some creative techniques until you master taking it off.

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  1. It’s a nice change from Casemate’s traditional silicone, but I don’t trust anything short of military grade to protect my $600 investment!

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