Ladies with Luscious Locks Rejoice, the Dyson Tangle-Free Turbine Tool Has Arrived

If you’ve spent any respectable amount of time vacuuming, you know that this

is the absolute worst. Even the vacuum is making an exasperated face. There is nothing you can do about what you see above without completely ruining your day in the process. When I was a kid and I had to vacuum all the time, I just looked the other way. My parents’ vacuum cleaner probably has so much hair accumulated on that brush that the hair itself has become an auxiliary brush, which is awesome, because that totally justifies my laziness.

But really, if there is a face of domestic despair, that is it. It’s probably better to avoid it if you can, and now you definitely can – but only if you own a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Those lucky few will be able to grab the new tangle-free turbine tool Dyson has developed, which promises to drastically cut down on the amount of hair that gets tangled in the brush (it doesn’t actually promise a completely tangle-free experience – we have to stay grounded in reality, here).

Dyson’s new attachment eschews the single-bar system, opting for a pair of rotating, gear-like heads fitted with brushes. Because those brushes rotate around the whole diameter of the head, the attachment tool also has a wider reach than most other attachments, which will cut down on the times you bash the vacuum head against the wall in frustration because you don’t want to make the extra effort to take off the attachment to get those crumbs stuck in the corner. The heads are also flexible, ensuring that they retain surface contact when vacuuming uneven surfaces like couch cushions.

Dyson’s Tangle-free Turbine Tool is in stores now, and you can get your own for about $70. This one is only for owners of Dyson DC19 and up vacuums. That excludes the DC24 and the cordless vacuums.


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