Elephant Trunk Mailboxes Could Become Amazon’s Best Friend

Getting packages delivered to your doorstep used to be a special occasion – something that happened maybe once or twice a year, and was always accompanied by impatient waiting and/or camping outside of the mailbox.

Thanks to companies like Amazon, getting a package in the mail is a little more than commonplace today. It’s become so commonplace that some are starting to worry about keeping their packages secure if they get delivered while no one is home.

It’s just the moment that Vanessa Troyer, creator of the Elephant Trunk, has been waiting for.

Troyer developed the idea of the Elephant Trunk – a mailbox for packages, essentially – in 1999, when getting computers shipped to the home was popular. The early iterations were larger, and designed for bulky monitors that have since given way to flat screen monitors with different proportions that didn’t fit the Elephant Trunk.

Today’s Elephant Trunk, which Troyer has been showing off to would-be customers and parcel delivery companies alike, is much smaller, and can fit on most porches without being an eyesore. It’s a little like a post office drop box – delivery companies slide the packages down a chute at the top, and owners can get the packages out of the locked holding area whenever they get home. Given the deluge of packages a lot of people are getting now courtesy of Amazon, it’s something that could garner interest.

The more packages that get delivered when no one is home, the greater the risk of theft. After all, that package is just going to be laying there on your doorstep. Given the increased volume of packages, they’re bound to become a more popular target for thieves. The time of the Elephant Trunk may have finally arrived.

Via The New York Times

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