Fashionista Tree is the Carrie Bradshaw of Christmas Trees

Too early to start planning for Christmas? Never.

This year, you can start preparing in style with the Fashionista Christmas Tree, a fake tree done up like a classic-style high-collared dress. That’s seriously classic, though – maybe it’s less Carrie Bradshaw and more Jane Austen.

Either way, dresses always go well with accessories, and so this faux tree comes lined with 150 white LED lights and a metal star up at the top. You’ll also get eight red globe ornaments to start you off, in addition to whatever else you have stashed away in the attic.

It’ll be a boon for home fashion, too – no more pine needles in the carpet to clean up, and no more having to dispose of the tree outside somewhere. Sounds like a win-win to me.

This high-fashion Christmas tree is coming in with a $250 price tag from Hammacher Schlemmer. The tree is expected to ship on November 16, so you’ll get it with plenty of weeks to spare ahead of Christmas.

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