Garbage Pail Kids Are Back With Brand New Series of Cards

Topps has decided to dig one of their most beloved brands out of the trash, and put it back out there for a whole new generation to enjoy.

The Garbage Pail Kids are leaping out of their ’80s dumpster and into new trading card sticker sets, appropriately called the Brand-New Series. The new sets of trading cards will include refreshed versions of old favorites, along with 55 new characters, all hand-drawn by artists working with Topps. The gross-out classics will come with plenty of surprises, too – mixed in with the regular cards, you’ll find motion, mix ‘n’ match, Adam Mania, and rare cards. Motion cards appear animated when you move them around, while mix ‘n’ match cards come with peel-off static-cling stickers that kids can use to create their own characters. Adam Mania shows the most iconic of the Garbage Pail Kids, Adam Bomb, as he leaves his mark all over world history, from the discovery of fire to the launch of the space shuttle.

The rare finds will be metal plates used in the printing of the cards, along with cards that actually feature hand-drawn, non-printed artwork. Even rarer will be the golden tickets – of course, these won’t be taking you to any chocolate factories. 50 golden cards will be released, each of which will win a free box of cards and an entry into the “Be a Garbage Pail Kid” sweepstakes. Of those 50 entrants, five will win the chance to have a Garbage Pail Kid created based on them.

A single pack of Garbage Pail Kids cards will cost $1.99. A jumbo pack, which includes a puzzle poster, will sell for $5.29, while value boxes will sell for $10.49 and will come with a bonus card each.


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