HTC Profits Plummet, Will Windows Phone 8X Be Their Savior?

All year, we’ve been hearing about how Samsung has been dominating the Android smartphone market. Well, where there are winners, there are losers, and it turns out that things aren’t looking so hot for HTC.

The Taiwanese company saw its net profits from last quarter fall a precipitous 79.1 percent from the same time frame from last year, from NTD18.64 billion (about $636.5 million) to NTD3.9 billion (about $133.1 million). HTC’s financial woes have been ongoing for all of this year – the only thing worse than the drop was that profits actually met what HTC had forecast (albeit barely) – the company knows it’s in big trouble. HTC doesn’t even have a lead in market share in its native Taiwan, where it trailed Samsung by 18 percent after Q2 of this year.

Prospects are grim for the handset maker. HTC needs to stay competitive in the terms of technology with Samsung and Apple, but that’s not likely to be the company’s biggest concern. The question is how they compete with those rival advertising departments, especially when the Samsung and Apple brands currently have the power to whip up a frenzy even before device details are released. That kind of brand power is something HTC can only dream of right now.

Just announced as Windows Phone 8’s Signature device, HTC is looking to its upcoming Windows Phone 8X to give it a shot in the arm. Meanwhile, Nokia has also positioned itself as the premier Windows Phone brand, just as Samsung has done with Android, and Apple has done by having its own insular ecosystem. One thing is for sure – it seems that it’s going to be a make it or break it holiday season for several smartphone manufacturers.

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