Incipio Frequency iPhone 5 Case Review

The Incipio Frequency is a “textured impact resistant iPhone 5 case,” sounds cool, ey? Well it is. The Frequency case is a really nice and simple solution to providing your iPhone 5 nice protection with a snazzy sleek appearance in a variety of colors.

The Incipio Frequency looks like it would be made out of a dense plastic, but it’s actually designed out of a durable and flexible TPU-like material. It’s easy to remove and reapply, however it still provides a perfect fit with zero wiggle room. It’s a one piece case that has raised buttons and perfectly sized cutouts.

While the design of the case is simple, the appearance is spruced up. On the back and sides of the case is a series of indented ovals laid out like an audio equalizer (hence the name ‘Frequency’). The case is a matte color, but the inside of the ovals are glossy, which gives off a really cool appearance, especially in the right light. It’s definitely a neat design without going overboard.

The Frequency is supposed to be tear, stretch, and fade resistant. The dense rubber-like material is shock absorbing and it has a wrap around design that extends over the perimeter of iPhone’s face. In terms of protection, it should definitely be suitable for most users. It also seems capable of withstanding regular types of wear and tear. We like that we can easily remove and reapply the case, and without stretching out the case.

We’ve already reviewed a bunch of great iPhone cases, and the Frequency is definitely among the nicest and most practical. While we love flashy cases, we’re suckers for a simple design, and the Frequency rocks both. Plus we love a case that breaks free from the $30 pricing norm. At $25, Incipio includes a great case, a screen protector, a cleaning cloth, and even a foldable stand. The Incipio Frequency for iPhone 5 is available in six different colors from Incipio.com. It can also be found on Amazon.com for as little as $21.90 at the moment.

The Good: Light, Sleek, Easy to Remove and Apply, Cool Textured Design, Good Cutouts and Button Overlays, Nice Price, Color Options, Protective, Durable, Includes Screen Protector, Cloth, and Stand

The Bad: Lock Button Overlay a Bit Stiff

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